Why we need to Dream Big, Fail Fast and Never Settle


When I was young, our school assembly made us sing many popular songs in Hindi and English. And I used to love almost all of them. The ones I particularly loved were ‘Heal the World’ by Micheal Jackson, ‘Words’ by Boyzone or ‘500 miles’ by Hedy West.

At that time, my entire focus was to enjoy the rhythm and sing along as perfectly as I could. But, over the years I realized that those songs were not randomly picked out, they had a purpose. What I sung then, is my reality today! How? I will unfold it in stages.

‘Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race!’ What did the lyricist mean by this? I might sound like a fool, wrangling phrases from a song nearly two decades ago. But, as part of the millennial generation, we have a big, very big responsibility we all are running away from.

I might not be overgeneralizing when I list out the activities of our present youth – socializing, eating at fancy places, getting a good, but dead end job that pays well. We are in a way, still focused on the same fundamental life principles our parents worked upon – earning well to sustain our families. Though we have a massive overflow of resources and tools for getting things done in a flick of a second, we constantly are struggling with smaller problems in life that mostly, are too insignificant. In a world where food gets delivered to our bed in under 15 minutes and every person is just a text away, our youth is constantly cribbing about less sleep, greater emotional instabilities, relationship crises, and forgotten dreams.

And the wave of modernization has left our youth in an illusion of being comfortable with an easy life, it has made us to believe that it is more than alright to fight our personal struggles, and survive. No! It should not be that way!

We are provisioned with resources that enables, EACH ONE of us, to aim for a bigger ambition, to create an impact the way we desire. Trust me guys, if you are reading this article on a phone or a laptop, with a roof over your head, you are more than capable of changing this world. And you have to (yes! it is a responsibility now, not a choice).

My father turned down a PhD position in Physics and took up a government job, but at that time my grandfather had almost no money to fund his education, he was constantly bugged with family pressures to get his elder sisters married, and additionally fund the education of his younger brothers.

If any of you, who are continuing in a job or career you do not like, have similar responsibilities as my father, then well and good. Your hands are truly tied.

But, if this is not the case, there cannot be a million reasons that justify you not wildly chasing your dreams. In his commencement address at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg says:

Today I want to talk about three ways to create a world where everyone has a sense of purpose: by taking on big meaningful projects together, by redefining equality so everyone has the freedom to pursue purpose, and by building community across the world.

We are equipped enough, we have the capability to achieve not only our own dreams, but help others realize theirs too. Now how do we do that? The path differs for each one of us, but it starts by taking up those meaningful projects, the projects we have been putting on hold for a long time, the projects that really matter to us, but ignored, since the society thinks they are a waste of our time!

And we have got to start thinking big! We need to believe that we can make a difference in the lives of people! And I am not just saying it! I mean it. Because unlike most other cases, here, only our perception matters. No one puts it better than Zuckerberg:

One of my favorite stories is when John F Kennedy visited the NASA space center, he saw a janitor carrying a broom and he walked over and asked what he was doing. The janitor responded: “Mr. President, I’m helping put a man on the moon”.

Purpose is that sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that we are needed, that we have something better ahead to work for. Purpose is what creates true happiness.

Partying, getting high, dressing well, and getting likes on facebook, can NEVER bring happiness. These are temporary relief mechanisms we attend to. Only when we feel that we are part of a bigger purpose that has the ability to affect lives (be it in any way possible!), is when we feel truly satisfied and happy!

I believe that I can change the world! If you think I am a moron or I am talking big, maybe I am. But unless I believe that I can change the world, how will I figure out ways to actually do it. If you do not believe that you can bake a decent cake, would you even care to put on your shoes and head to the market to get eggs and flour?

And I truly believe in the power of WORDS to change the world. And maybe that’s the reason, the song ‘Words’ has always been so close to my heart. I feel that I can “Heal the World” through the “Words” I imprint. With every article, answer or meaningful conversation, I am touching a few lives, giving a few people something to think about. That’s presently my way of making a change. What is yours? Find it out! It is much more important than any other priority that you might have.

Find that thing you are good at, and somehow connect it to the bigger picture, transform it into something that has a potential to change lives! And help others, specially those not as privileged as you, realize their potential. Then only every breath you take counts!

So, what are you waiting for? Who is gonna hand out your dream career to you on a golden plate? When will be a good time for that trip you wanted to go on for years? When will the world know of your creative genius? There is not much time! Start now! And remember:

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you!”

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